Located in the highlands, Dalat is a small city belonging to Lam Vien Plateau, Lam Dong Province. The city has cool weather and imposing waterfalls that suitable for organizing and playing adventure activities. The first adventure activity in Dalat which is always recommended is Canyoning – a sport of exploring a canyon by joining a combination of rappelling, fall jumping, and water sliding. It’s not hard to find or book a Canyoning Tour in Dalat, but how to have a perfect day of Canyoning Tour is really a matter that should be concerned.

In order to get an amazing Canyoning daytrip, you need to know about the tour. That should be information of the itinerary, activities you will involve, things you need to bring belong, and some others related to the service such as tour guides, transportation, and insurance, etc.

First of all, almost Canyoning tour in Dalat begins at 9 in the morning, and ends at 3-4 pm. The company will pick up the guests at their accommodation and create a group of 10 to 15 people. Each group is accompanied with 2 or 3 guides who can speak English and master in Canyoning. The activities that the players will engage are climbing down the cliffs with the height of 15 and 18 metres, jumping from the height of 7 and 11 metres into the bottom pool, water sliding on the large rocks, then swimming in the small lake and trekking in the forest. It’s not simple to do these activities due to theirs adventurousness, so the tour guides always put you into practice within 15 minutes. There will be a gather point near the waterfall where you are instructed to use rope and harness, and are trained skills to rappel, jump and slide safely and properly. This preparation will help the players to be more protected, avoid being injured. When attending real situation, you should pay attention to the command of the guides so that the process can be smoothly, not influence on your teammates.

Secondly, what you need to bring with? Actually, the tour includes full of equipment that necessary for abseiling like helmet, harness, rope, hook; life jacket and wet suit; insurance; water; entrance ticket; lunch and guides. However, you should bring some personal necessity, aqua shoes or sport sandals (you should avoid sneakers because they easily get wet), sunblock, swim clothes. You should wear T-shirt and shorts which make you feel the most comfortable. Finally don’t forget waterproof camera to save your greatest moment.

Another important thing is that you should tell the travel agent or the tour guide your health status in order that they can adjust the itinerary or focus more on you in case you get some health problem. If you are vegan, you should also tell them to prepare a private lunch for you. During the tour, let’s the guide know if you feel tired or scared of some stages like highly jumping, abseiling, etc.

Briefly, there are some tips that the tourists can make reference to have a wonderful Canyoning daytrip in Dalat city.