Dalat Canyoning has been becoming a popular sport that gets lots of attractive from the tourists. It is specially organized by some authorized travel companies at Datanla Waterfall. This waterfall has such advantages that Canyoning can be hold perfectly, giving the players the greatest moment.

Located beside national road 20th, 5 km far away from the city centre, Datanla is known as a typical waterfall in Dalat. This famous tourist attraction covers the area of 312ha and owns significant landscape. It’s an imposing waterfall lying between the ever green forests; with the stream flows speedily at the top and slowly at the bottom. This flow will stop and be contained into a hole called deadly abyss situated between two vertical cliffs’ bottom. It’s an ideal area for abseiling, fall-jumping, or water-sliding. Making uses of these advantages of waterfall’s terrain, people decided to build up some adventure games and activities such as roller coaster, zip line and especially Canyoning.

Canyoning begins with the 18-metre-high cliff rappelling. The players are equipped with firm harness and uses solid rope to climb down. The feeling of dry abseiling on a vertical cliff can be daunting and scared, but it’s actually fun and excited. Similarly, the 15-metre-high rock climbing is the next challenge before waterfall slides. After getting down from the cliffs, they will brace themselves to slide backwards on the rock’s face with their heads going first. The rock is so slippery that they can reach the bottom pool with a plash. It’s extremely amazing! Then they can join falls jumping from the height of 7 and 11 metres.

Datanla Waterfall – Perfect Place to Do Canyoning in Dalat

The players stand on a high point where there is a pool at the bottom, and then get momentum in order to jump into the pool. This stage asks them to be definitive without stopping suddenly, if not they can get injured or danger. The final and also greatest stage is a real waterfall canyoning. The tourists will explore well-known Washing Machine fall with the height of 16 metres and even a 25-metre-high waterfall (this is optional for each different tour). Washing Machine fall has got such strength and whirl that can make the players lose their balance and feel dizzy a little bit. As facing to the difficulty, they need to be calm and hold the rope surely and slowly climb down. Some more activities added into the tour are swimming, trekking and rafting (optional). When finishing the tour, the tourists not only explore the waterfall but also discover inside themselves whether they are brave, strong and enduring or not.

Besides Canyoning, people can also play some other games at Datanla waterfall: roller coaster, zip line, or kayaking. These adventure sports are organized safely in a proper way with full of equipment and protecting facilities. Datanla waterfall is being exploited and improved with the aim of making it become an interesting and attractive tourist area.

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