Dalat is a tourist city, which is famous for vegetables, flowers, mountains and waterfalls especially. Sightseeing is one of the best things to discover the whole city; however, it’s a great idea to enjoy your days in Dalat with activity tour – Canyoning. When visiting a waterfall, you can sightsee, take pictures, wander around, but you never have a distinguished feeling if you don’t try to play Canyoning. This brings you many challenges and also opportunity to conquer those in order to be stronger and more active.

Canyoning Tour is organized by some prestigious travel companies who have adequate legal documents, completely ensuring the safeness for the customers. It takes place at Datanla waterfall, where the tour and all related activities can be designed conveniently. Datanla waterfall has many favourable topography conditions including falls, lakes, rocks and forests. The combo of Canyoning activities is set up based on the topography, so it consists of abseiling, high jumping, water-sliding, kayaking, and trekking. These activities request the players to be healthy, power and energy in order to overcome all stages. They are also asked to be confident, fearless and persevering because they will face to lots of difficulties and challenges during the process conquering the fall.

Dalat Canyoning: Way to Conquer Your Fear

Due to the danger of these activities, there are not many companies which can organize Canyoning. The companies authorized to provide this tour have to prepare full of equipment, insurance and suit that protect the lives of guests. A Canyoning tour’s price estimates around $50 to $75, which is quite reasonable and economical. It provides customers such equipment as rope, helmet, harness, hook, life jacket; other necessities like sport shoes, a picnic lunch, water, and insurance as well. Each tour will be organized following a group of 10 to 15 people, accompanied with some professional tour guides. These guys will be the instructors who help the guests practice abseiling and jumping skills so that they can be safe throughout all activities. They are also humorous, friendly and helpful, so customers will be comfortable and enjoyable completely.

Dalat Canyoning today has not been a strange type of adventure tour in this city. Foreigners, especially the youth, really enjoy and often choose it to spend their vacation with great experiences. Although there are not many companies can organize this tour, it’s quite easy to find and book a tour via websites or travel agency. All information about the tour and the company can be searched online including guests’ reviews, advises, and real pictures. The travellers can also come to the agency, meeting the consultant and buying the tour themselves. Besides, they can ask the receptionist at their stay/hotel to help you book this tour if possible.

Because of the adventurous particularity of the tour, the players can challenge themselves and know how strong and courageous they are. With those who are determined and patient, they will make an effort to conquer all difficulties, overcome danger and fear, and finally come to the destination. In brief, Dalat Canyoning tour certainly brings the tourists a very awesome moment.